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O mně: 1.Product Description of Electric Roller Blinds
Electric roller blinds is fully automated,which open or close your blinds at the touch of a button using the remote control. Ideal for high(hard-to-reach) windows,use a remote to adjust blinds to whatever height you want,without any need for ladder.child and pet safety.Increase child-safety in your home by removing dangerous cords.
Motorized blinds use a remote control instead of chain to open and is also safe for your kids.
2.Product Details of Electric Roller Blinds
Product Electric Roller blinds
Max Width 3o0cm(118inch)
Tube 50mm diameter Aluminum alloy
Bottom Rail Heavy duty bottom rail
Operation System Remote Controller
MOQ 1 piece
3,Product Details

dB Kg Dia(mm) V W A Turn Motor length(mm)
30 19 35 230 98 0.43 36 605
30 19 35 120 102 0.85 36 605

Remote Controller single remote controller control one blind
Muti-channel remote controller max control 15 blinds
1)Which blinds can use for large windows?
Roller blinds are widely use for large windows with wide range of color and design. Roller shades are a very simple option, one whole fabric to move that use for large space.
2)Which kind of blinds are good for energy saving?
Roller blinds and honeycomb blinds can be great for choice. Rollers have blackout fabric that can be total prevent light.Honeycomb blinds have cells on both sides that keep winter warmer and summer cooler. Both can save on your energy consumption.
3)Can the blinds be attached to the wall?
Yes, when you offer measurements please mark which sizes for inside mount with top brackets and which sizes for outside mount with wall brackets, wall bracket that can install on the wall.
4) Do my blinds come with all components to install my blinds?
All Blinds on Share Blinds come with all brackets and child safety devices that are required. The only thing that we don't supply you with is the screws as you will need to get the right screw for what your windows are made from. If you required we also can offer the screws what we have, if could not use that you should go to your local store to get right one.
discount Motorized Blinds