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Domination PBF RPG with pones (not only)?
Been wondering about a singular thing for a while that is hosting a domination RPG settled in pony-like world. I did that once, but it was done in Polish and it turned out finally that many players "didn't have time/head for that". Oh well...

Here I am, wanting to host the game again in English and I ask you, if you are interested in participating. But let's start from the beginning.

Q: What is a domination RPG?
A: It's a role-playing game in which you play your role as a particular leader of a created country. You create the culture, do a diplomacy (war and peace policies), exchange goods, improve the provinces and army. You are the king in a world full of land.

Q: What can I expect from the game?
A: Do you want to be a caesar of an ancient, long-lasting empire? Or try yourself as a fearless tsar, or maybe you want to make a trading empire? Why not giving it a try? You can expect everything you and your opponents can imagine!

Q: What's the world like?
A: Medieval-like ages of pony history. The Royal Sisters were gone missing ten years ago. The world turned to chaos. From one gigantic empire, Equestria crashed into half a hundred of small provinces, mostly fighting each other to gain the power. Can you make a new order in the world and restore the global peace once again?

Q: Can I be a griffon?
A: You can be a griffon. A pony, a nomad pony, a desert pony, zebra, diamond dog or even a deer! (or a changeling queen, too...)

Q: When will it start?
A: I need at least four players and all I need to do is to translate my whole system to English, that won't take long.

So... Is anyone interested in being a king? Rainbowlaugh

You have questions? I will answer it. Just make a proper feedback on this post~
Oh no. We are doomed.

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Domination PBF RPG with pones (not only)? - od Kinro - 17.06.2017, 14:59

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