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Festival Fantazie Follow-up for Equestria Daily
Okay, let's do this. Who's in it with me? Pinkiesmile
We will definitely need to write about the FF itself, then something about Gala and Przewalski's Ponies, our own PoníCon, cosplays, auction, overall atmosphere, reception of bronies by other fandoms and the whole FF (Lemtání piva, Skřetbal, Lov na poníky) and add some short reports from various people (For example: As seen by (name): and then few lines about how that person enjoyed FF). Also photos, group photos, cosplay photos and photos from some presentations or workshop.
I suppose that 2 A4s of plain text should be just about right. Rainbowlaugh
It takes a long time to realize how truly miserable you are, even longer to see it doesn't have to be that way.
Only after you give up everything can you begin to find a way to be happy.

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Festival Fantazie Follow-up for Equestria Daily - od Honzdir - 11.07.2013, 15:42

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