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Mrkevka (čtení/hraní komiksu v Mezislovanskom překladu)
This is an unique project which combines my three primary hobbies: ponies, music and linguistics. In 2008 I joined a project called Slovianski and later known as Medžuslovjanski / Interslavic. It's a linguistic experiment in creating an artificial language which can be understandable (to certain extent) to all native speakers of Slavic languages. This is a translation of an old comic written by Elosande, voiced by me. Music used is Glaze - Beyond Her Garden, Przewalski's Ponies - Derpy and background music written and performed by me.


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Mrkevka (čtení/hraní komiksu v Mezislovanskom překladu) - od Andy Feelin - 02.06.2015, 20:56

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