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Are there any 'fans' of human ponies? Rainbowlaugh What arts do you like most?

My favourite humanizations:
[Obrázek: gnd5f8mq6b28.png]
/\ Rainbow Dash has AWESOME hair Rainbowkiss
[Obrázek: v0jxdqfkfvqg.png]
[Obrázek: 0nuz97r0d0d4.jpg]
[Obrázek: kgrv68cglwlo.png]
[Obrázek: 8OcaI.jpg]
[Obrázek: commission__celestina_and_luna_by_jadenk...4qcmw9.png]
Actually... I hate it...
Althrought I'm not a fan of this, the first picture is really well-drawn and I like it.
damn how i love humanized ponies
The pictures are pretty decent,
But I don't really imagine the ponies as humen.
I hate it too...
If I had to choose one, definitely the first..
I do not like ponies as a humasn! The ponies are not humans! Art is pretty cool. Some of humans ponies i realy like but some... i HATE Ajbemused! Rainbowlaugh
Humanz? OH Noes! Dis not gut. I dun leik hewman poneh'!

But seriously? I am not really into the "humanized ponies" stuff, but I've seen some very, very good "humanized ponies" drawings.
I'll move to Equestria and watch My little humans on their TV.
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