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Festival Fantazie Follow-up for Equestria Daily - Honzdir - 11.07.2013

Okay, let's do this. Who's in it with me? Pinkiesmile
We will definitely need to write about the FF itself, then something about Gala and Przewalski's Ponies, our own PoníCon, cosplays, auction, overall atmosphere, reception of bronies by other fandoms and the whole FF (Lemtání piva, Skřetbal, Lov na poníky) and add some short reports from various people (For example: As seen by (name): and then few lines about how that person enjoyed FF). Also photos, group photos, cosplay photos and photos from some presentations or workshop.
I suppose that 2 A4s of plain text should be just about right. Rainbowlaugh

RE: Festival Fantazie Follow-up for Equestria Daily - Honzdir - 12.07.2013

Okay, so, let's try to summarize what Festival Fantazie actually is. You can write it in czech, if you like, I have no problem in translating it. So few lines about the Festival as a whole. Don't be afraid to post your version Ajsmug So let's get this follow-up started! Pinkiehappy

RE: Festival Fantazie Follow-up for Equestria Daily - Fang - 14.07.2013

Festival Fantazie 2013 was my first convention which I participated mostly because of pony line. Introduction couldn't start better with live russian band Przewalski's Ponies. My most enjoyable momements were presentations of physics in EQ, patomima, music workshop (video 1, video 2) and written fan fiction.

RE: Festival Fantazie Follow-up for Equestria Daily - Honzdir - 15.07.2013

If everything goes according to plan, I will have the Follow-up written by the end of the day. I will then need someone to check it and correct all the mistakes I made in the text. But by that time I need some short insights of other guests on how they liked FF. So please, write a few lines down about how you liked (od didn't like) Festival Fantazie. Thanks Pinkiesmile

RE: Festival Fantazie Follow-up for Equestria Daily - Aivri - 15.07.2013

IvoryKeysADSR's FF impressions:

From my point of view, the days I spent on FF were the most awesome days of this year (yet). Although I had to carry about 50 kg of music equipment over the distance of 500 km, I enjoyed every single minute of the con. All the panels I attended (i couldn't attend all panels due to some interesting events) were interesting, informative and entertaining.

My highlights:
- Pony music workshop (where we jammed / played along with the amazing Przewalski's Ponies)
- Everfree forest event (deciphering hidden clues, looking for treasures in local forest and encountering hundreds of fireflies)
- My little karaoke
- Late night synth vs. synth jam with AdamJ
- ...and of course the overall great mood at the con.

All in all, I really enjoyed the con and I'm looking forward to FF2014.

RE: Festival Fantazie Follow-up for Equestria Daily - Honzdir - 15.07.2013

Damn it, so KriplCon got me again (as well as other affairs) and I only wrote a few more lines. But I will do my best to have it done tommorow. Pinkie promise! Pinkiesmile
By the way: Thank you guys, for your contributions, I really appreciate it Pinkiesmile
Keep the impressions coming! Pinkiehappy

RE: Festival Fantazie Follow-up for Equestria Daily - Grizzly - 15.07.2013

I dont get it, why do you write in english?

RE: Festival Fantazie Follow-up for Equestria Daily - Honzdir - 15.07.2013

Because: 1) this is literally "English speaking section"
2) if it's supposed to be for Equestria Daily, it needs to be in english Ajsmug

RE: Festival Fantazie Follow-up for Equestria Daily - Honzdir - 16.07.2013

So, here's what I put together in the last few days while I waited for paint to dry. It is necessary to add more more stuff, correct mistakes and choose some representing photos. Please, help me with this, everypony Twilightsmile

Citace:Hello, everypony!

While there are many cons taking place around the world, Czech Republic is quite unique. We have “Festival Fantazie” which is the largest multifandom con happening in Czech Republic. You can meet many fandoms there. Starting with Star Wars, Star Trek, Lord of the Rings to Harry Potter, Twilight, Game of Thrones or Bollywood. There is even a lot of program for Dance Dance Revolution, Guitar Hero, Karaoke, or video games of all sorts. I’d dare to say it’s comparable with ComicCon in its range of interests. There’s also lot of additional program like Orclympics, random dancing and singing on the streets and so on. But this year was the first time ponies emerged. And we made it in big style!

The festival itself lasted for 9 days, starting on 28. June and ended on 7. July. And the last 4 days were in the name of ponies. But let’s look at few earlier days. We had many amazing cosplayers and that, of course, draws attention. For many con visitors it was their first encounter with ponies. But luckily these people are very open, but also crazy in their own way. But not very surprisingly we were laughed at, so we decided to take part in the toughest competition of the Festival – Orclympics. First was drinking of beer. Few bronies took part and two of them actually made it to the second and third place In the finale. Ponies are tough too! Rainbowlaugh And then there was Orcball. It’s a game very similar to rugby, but with only two rules:
1. Don’t eat the ball
2. Don’t eat the judge.
And bronies made a team! And to the surprise of many they won the third place. These events really helped us in proving that ponies are serious business! Rainbowlaugh

On the evening before the Pony program started, we had a Gala evening. And to our big surprise, Russian band Przewalski’s Ponies arrived in Czech Republic to play there. They were a lot of fun. And before the Gala, they even got the idea to take chalk and draw on the pavement, so quickly the whole area of Festival Fantazie was covered with ponies. The Gala evening was also the grand opening of the very first My Little Pony Con on Festival Fantazie. There was a short introduction and then the concert started. It was an amazing experience, because many of us never actually heard brony music live. After the concert, a party quickly took place with well-known pony songs and also loads of brony music. It lasted till 3AM. Party hard Pinkie pie style.

The next day, the pony program started. Every morning started with an hour-long screening of the show and then there were presentations, panels, workshops, competitions and even a charity auction. Presentations and panels were various – about physics in Equestria, music, Source Filmmaker, videos, fanfictions, other cons, cosplays, cider, Trotmania, but also about bronies themselves since many visitors of Festival Fantazie had no idea, who bronies actually are. Workshops were lots of fun too, for example How to create your own parasprite, Music workshop (in which Przewalski’s Ponies took part too), Artistic workshop or Karaoke (

But nothing lasts forever and the Festival ended on Sunday 7/7/2013. The last day were panels until 1PM. The last one was about the Con itself and we discussed some ideas about next year and about next conventions. We also showed some photos from the whole convention and in the end the last thing we watched was Great to be different. Quite fitting for the occasion. Pinkiesmile Then there was a group hug and all the bronies then said goodbye, put posters on their cars and went home. It was really great con, full of ponies and friendship. But we all look forward to the next time!

RE: Festival Fantazie Follow-up for Equestria Daily - kotja - 16.07.2013

I've heard that orcball has actualy three rules. Thrid was added recently and is: Don't clog goal with obese person.