(That one who doesn't speak Czech)

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Pohlaví: Muž
Bydliště: Silesian Piekary
O mně: Way back when I was just a little Pole (not the dancing pole) I grew up in a very peasantly family. I was milking cows and other stuff.
Then I moved to the capital of coal, Upper Silesia, where I became a coal-mining enthusiast. I made a huge list of things you can do with carbon.
But that was boring.
Then, I discovered history. I became way bigger enthusiast of XVII century Poland and its wars.
And then, I discovered ponies.
Ponies made my life quite happier, not that I still don't like people, but now I had another way of telling them I am different.
Yes, I know this sounds like all that emo sheet, but whatever.
Anyway, I met many people who watch ponies like me, and that made me... bored... All of them were Polish.
So I checked in google phrase "bronies CZ"
Did not expect a website called
So, I registered, I met some bronies, and then there was My Little Konwent 2014. It was cool, except I have talked to only one Czech brony - Antosik.
It was like "Hi, I'm Kinro, I recognize those drawings, you are Divocak, aren't you?" then "I like your art" and then he replied "Ah, you're that one who invited us on the site?"
So... Yeah...
And then, finally, I became silent as buck...

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Oh no. We are doomed.