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Epizoda 6: Common Ground
[Obrázek: MV5BOGE1OTE2ZDEtOWUyYS00ZjQwLTg3OWQtY2Y0...@._V1_.jpg]
"Rainbow Dash's old pal Quibble Pants needs help to bond with the daughter of his new special friend because, like Dash, she's a real sports pony."
Odkaz: https://www.dailymotion.com/video/x77es1z
tohle byla fajn epizoda. Bylo v ní daleko víc než se na první pohled zdálo
In all things living, the light burns bright.
A passionate fire that consumes the heart.
The Spirit, it radiates not from above.
It is the warmth that draws you ever inward.
Where rest the truest colors of life.
Gold of the organ. Green of the throat. Red of the vein.
The myriad wet rainbow of the Spirit's domain. 


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