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Help for Karine
Major OOC and stuff ahead, but please read it, it’s important.

Today I got informed that a small group of people are concerned about a particular artist - namely Goddess of the Night, Karine Coenen.
Today on my dashboard i found this, so if you can help, please do it.

A very talented artist and a great addition to the Bronyfandom. She was diagnosed with cancer, and not the good kind of it. The biggest problem is, she can not cover the medical expenses that come with a desease like that, on top of this, her government refuses to support her and she has a large debt as well.

Some of you know Bronies for good, right? They try to help those who need it, and some started a project for Karine. The problem is, publicity is a huge factor - the more people read it, the more might help.

I’m not asking you for any money for her, or anything.

But if you could help to spread the word with a reblog or something similar, it would help an amazing artist, as well as a great person.

So please, help spread the word! Let’s make this happen!

Tragic news Fluttershyouch I wrote it too on my forum.

Spread the word!
I have my hopes in this community ... poeple here DO help others. Not me, but others .... thats why i like it. I wish her all good
DeviantArt Last.fm

Ajsleepy Líbí se vám, jak se chovají poníci? Buďte taky takoví =)
It's very sad. And even more sad is that there are many people out there who have similiar or even worse problems. Sadly, we can't help them all, noone can.
And I thank God everyday for having as wonderful life as I have now.
I wish her luck and that is all I can give her. I can't give her money, for I have none. I can only give her words. Hollow, meaningful words that won't buy her medication nor will they help her pay the depts. But words none the less.
I wish you luck, Karine!

Bronies around the world unite, for one of us is in a grave danger.
I e-mailed Equestria Daily about her. I hope they will at least post about her in the Nightly Roundup.
thanks for your help
I believe there already was one, as i have read something about it ( i remember her website)
DeviantArt Last.fm

Ajsleepy Líbí se vám, jak se chovají poníci? Buďte taky takoví =)
Really? Because those assholes didn't even have the decency to reply. My respect towards EQD dropped a lot.

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