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Kucykon 2019 (Polsko, Warszawa)
[Obrázek: Kucykon-Poster2.png]

We, the polish bronies have the pleasure to invite our southern neighbours to the Kucykon, bright new convention taking place at July 12-14th 2019 in Warszawa. Although targetted primary to the polish-speaking community, we welcome everyone who can stand our rustling language.

The main idea of Kucykon is to merge three types of meet-ups into the one big convention. At the first day we will have Rainbowmeet with it's  main attraction - LARP (yup, it's our shameful variation of Czequestrian one, but with our own flavour), however there will be also some other sport activities.

The second part, Twilightmeet, which will take place from Friday evening to Saturday, will be the typical polish brony convention, with many panels of different types, about the show, fandom, guests, activities, competitions and RPG sessions. Also on Friday/Saturday night, cause in Poland it's common that cons last whole 24 hour.

The last part, Pinkiemeet, will be an outdoor brony music festival which will take place in one village near Warsaw. Although concert of musicians from the whole Europe (or at least middle and eastern part) and playing different branches of music will be the main attraction, it won't be the only one. For example, on Sunday the great sword fighting tournament will take place, where everyone will have an opportunity to feel as medieval knight.

Basic info:

When: 12-14th July 2019
Where: Warszawa and Huta Mińska (music festival)
How much: 30 PLN
More info: www.kucykon.plhttps://www.facebook.com/events/389635785143541/ and of course this thread (feel free to ask about everything, from transport recomendations to guests and panels)
A few of us thought about it and considered visiting.  Pinkiehappy
Cuteness, ponies, kittens, animals, plushies, friendship, hugs, positivity, happiness Flutterryay

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