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Custom Ponies - The Tools
Hello Everypony!

As it goes, some may attempt to do a custom pony with new wings or different pose. Such a feat requires tools which had been used by many and tested to work ideally for this purpose. Here is some information, gathered from the UK pony folk regarding on what to use to make your life easier!

The "Green" Stuff.

What's That?
A 2 part epoxy resin that requires mixing before use. The more yellow, the softer the mix will be and the longer the curing time. The more blue, the harder the mix will be and a shorter curing time. Knead thoroughly to ensure no lumps of yellow or blue otherwise they will ruin the finish as they won't cure properly.

Where can I get it?
Because we dont have Games Workshops in Czech, your best bet is either check local artist stores for anything similar or order online on eBay.

Bake or air dry?
Air dry, its best to dry overnight to be completely sure. Once its dry it can be filed, drilled, sanded etc.

Any tips?
Keep it wet! Working with dry green stuff is not ideal - water helps keep it mailable and removes finger prints.

Do not leave to cure on wood or fabric surfaces - it will stain the surface or stick to it permanently and leave marks!

Best is to leave to cure on a soft plastic so you can remove it easily, the plastic film it comes in works great!

Be patient, make things in stages. Once green stuff touches each other it becomes tacky and if you want to pull it apart you can possibly ruin the whole thing.

Links to buy on eBay with shipping to Czech:
12 inch long:

6 inch for starters:

Example of Green stuff use:

My Little Space Marines
[Obrázek: 378811_md-Cute,%20Greenstuff,%20Humor,%2...arines.JPG]

UK of Equestria; Tze Internet
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CZ/SK bronies z.s.
It's fairly easy to get Green stuff in Prague but I must say, that my experiences are not all good. Mostly it is because after the stuff cures it still remains flexible a therefore it is far from ideal for grinding (so making sharp edges is almost impossible). Also it always sticked more to the tools i sculpted with than to the model i was trying to convert (but that was most likely caused by my clumsiness Twilightblush)

I found out that much easier to use is a sculpey called FIMO. They use it to create beads or something I can't remember (but that doesn't really matter). It's not very sticky, so you can shape it with pretty much everything without worrying that it will stick too your tool and ruin the whole model. The only disadvantage of it is that in needs to be baked before it completely dries which may be harmful to blindbag ponies Applejackunsure
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I use Green Stuff mixed with Magic Sculpt for more detailed sculpting. It isn´t so sticky as pure GS but still sticky enough that you can easily add amouts of it on hardened surfaces (or the plastic ponies) and then making it smooth. Modelling with this mixure is very good.
And it is much cheaper than using only green stuff.
deviantart: http://daoldhorse.deviantart.com/
Thanks a lot for feedback Blackshield and da old horse, I've not done anything like this for.. well many many years and just last week I've had time to do my first re-paint of a pony after years of idling without painting any Warhammer/Warzone miniatures..

I've found couple of places from where to get the Green stuff, althou the eBay place is still cheaper than buying it locally including the shipping.. O.o

However, just now I've discovered something called "miliput" which seems to have a bit better properties altogether than the Green stuff.. may give it a shot myself when I find myself confident enough to work with such stuff again!

Twilightsmile  READ &  RAVE ! djpon3
Fancy some DA?
Attending in 2018: Friendship Fest, Japan, Festival Fantazie, 7. Zimní Karaoke party
Wielder of the BassCanon Mk.VIII !

CZ/SK bronies z.s.
Milliput is very good putty for modelling and it is easier to work with it than with Green Stuff (but professional miniature sculptors mostly use Green Stuff). I make my sculpts always from Milliput and then add some details with GS or a mixure of GS and MS if needed. Just nowdays there are some problems with distribution of milliput in Slovakia, therefore I made my last sculpts from Magic Sculpt (although I think that Milliput is better).

When working with milliput use water just for making the surface smooth (and just wet your fingers or sculpting tools) because when you would use more watter during maybe the first half hour of working (really not sure about the time), you will have mud of the putty.

There are more types of Milliput, I tried just Millipit Standard and Milliput Terracota. I heard that the other types are not good for sculpting.
deviantart: http://daoldhorse.deviantart.com/
I am going to redraw every pony from blind bag I will have twice...but...I have like 30 of them and still only one of each
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