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Poems of Moon
May I have this dance?

Year turned year and we're back here
Another ball to entertain the nobility
Most rotten to the core
Yet still demand royal attentivity

Shake the hoof, nod the head
Praise the dress, i feel so dead
Kiss my hoof then kiss my flank
I'm so bored my mind is blank

Stood the princess by the line
Wishing praying the end is nigh
One more pony, one last name
In the haze they're all the same

Saved from the madness brink
Looked the princess for a drink
In the corner on the table
Stood a bottle without label

Jumped with glee, then calmed her demeanor
It wouldn't fit a princess to seem so eager
Calmly strode she towards her desire
With determination one might admire

Thus I wondered pondered, idea with such a thrill
My heart was beating faster, but my legs were feeling still
Slowly have i moved along as she tip taped across the floor
Now's the time to take a chance, now or nevermore

As she reached, i reached as well
Touched her hoof, oh may I have this dance
Surprise took her, question in the air
She was a princess, few care to dare

As i gazed into her eyes
Approval escaped from her lips
So I took her to the center
And then lead her by the hips

Time has stopped for but a moment
When your smile came into view
Everything feels right and true
When I'm standing next to you

Let us dance under falling snow,
There's music in the air
Let's see how long we can go
My darlin' maiden fair

Step by step, hoof to hoof
And a little whirl under the moon
There's magic in the air
I can feel my heart bloom

Melody hits and bodies intertwine
Harmonising two lonely souls into one
Feel it's time to cross the line
Lean into the kiss with the rising of the sun

♥grey as the moon and soul of its owner
blue as the coat and eyes of a loner♥

♥Why would a rose grow where nopony can see
Like a rose without thorns is how i feel♥

♥With smile like ripest apple you have ever seen
And eyes like meadow of emerald sheen
truly lost i have only been
in those eyes so serene♥

How are we to explain that We are not lonely to somepony who craves company?
Poems of Moon

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