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Quality art.
Graviton Surge

[Obrázek: graviton_surge_by_discordthege-dbsovwm.png]

♥There in the middle of meadow, right under the moon
there i saw a girl in dress like a star shinning blue♥

♥grey as the moon and soul of its owner
blue as the coat and eyes of a loner♥

♥We make sense to me just the way we are
and nothing can ever tear us apart♥

♥With smile like ripest apple you have ever seen
And eyes like meadow of emerald sheen
truly lost i have only been
in those eyes so serene♥

Darkness within you is the greatest shadow you'll ever cast
Poems of Moon
Here we go!

Journey Mare

Autor: Bugplayer
[Obrázek: ab24227ba6a216156e2783897e32e1bc.jpg]

Color Sketch

Autor: Yakovlev-vad
[Obrázek: 2c8f37c08a6778024260ec572bcd227f.jpg]
Stay Away From Me!
[Obrázek: stay_away_from_me___read_the_description...bt0lxs.png]
[Obrázek: Stay-Away-From-Me-read-the-description-713865232]
Danger Bun

Autor: Underpable
[Obrázek: df5013fe6e4d3eb5c040cafba6aae39b.jpg]

Big Apple - Wake the Rainbow

Autor: NCMares
[Obrázek: d2f1a58d49d1dd754824613c58829a39.jpg]
Just Roll With It

Autor: Underpable
[Obrázek: feb68fbecf45dc6a78a356014f5adbbf.jpg]


Autor: dSana
[Obrázek: f19da98ecc40ebd9d6c09239e5d3ae65.jpg]
Summer Rest

Autor: Yakovlev-vad
[Obrázek: faecdb293c1cefdcd7a57f7d7235a66a.jpg]

Sweat Weather

Autor: Bugplayer
[Obrázek: ac9118c8025aea5eca1810bc36d06efe.jpg]

Luna's humor =3

Autor: Yakovlev-vad
[Obrázek: 1cd23bb447c3422aaefdedf5dbc1c4d8.jpg]

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