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"StarDance" Art contest
Posting on behalf of Stargaze from EuroBronies.org

Good day everyone!

A handful of weddings have already been announced throughout the fandom and both my future wife and me wish all these people the very best! We’ll be newlyweds soon enough ourselves.

But different from this, we would like to run an art contest in celebration of our first child being born, to share joy and excitement during the last months before the birth!
There will be prizes, but they will not be very valuable, I admit.

If you'd take your time to advertise this a bit, thanks a bunch!

Here’s the rules:

- Design a filly!
- It’s supposed to represent a theoretical Ponysona for our daughter.
- Gear your design to our Ponysonas (roughly, so a connection can be distinguished, keep yourselves some freedom).
- No Cutie Mark and name required (but feel free to add, if you feel like it, not necessarily on the Pony).
- Simple image will suffice (no matter scan, photo, digital art, vector or anything else, but make sure we can make out details to appreciate your work fully!).
- Uploading and releasing the image to a blog, artpage, etc. prior to the contest’s end is fine. Mention and link to the contest appreciated.
- All designs will remain property of the original designers.
- Winning designs will be shared property only if the designers agree.
- We kindly ask to allow us to upload and release the designs to a separate gallery on deviantart, with source and information to every design given, to fully appreciate the entries.
- Multiple entries per person allowed, BUT only one will be considered in the contest, so make sure you tell us WHICH one - if we can’t distinguish which one you want as your final entry, we will automatically use the last one submitted; if they all came with a single picture/message, we’ll enter the one we like best then (since disqualifying would be a poor move). All designs will hit the gallery of course!
- No signup required, once you submit you’re automatically in!
- Contest ends on November 17th, 2013. Keep in mind our time zone in November is GMT+1 (Germany). All entries in our inboxes after our local date will hit the gallery but not the contest. The gallery will be opened and winners announced after that.

The winners will be determined not by quality of the submitted image, but purely on the design.
No matter how skilled you are (or how unskilled you consider yourself), we will take every entry serious and into consideration, so long it doesn’t violate common sense and tastefulness. Whatever designs strike us most fitting will be top ranked.

Links to our Ponysonas, for reference, and more can be found at the end of the post!

Submit your entry via PM here, at deviantart or eMail: nichec@hotmail.de.

- Prizes -

The top ranked entries can pick one of the following:
- An unused (!) copy of “My Little Karaoke - Singing is Magic”, complete with case, cover, manual and disc!
- A signed official autograph card from GalaCon 2013, signed by Anneli Heed (Swedish Spitfire and many more).
- A signed official autograph card from GalaCon 2013, signed by Michael Pan (German Discord and e.g. Data from Star Trek, Patchy the Pirate and Narrator from Spongebob Squarepants).
- A sew-on patch by Lan, aka Erdbeerprinz.
- A complete Mane6 Set of Blindbag Ponies (sadly no collector cards and bags included).
- A Blingbag Trixie Lulamoon, Wave 6, complete with card and bag.
- A DinA3 (297 x 420 mm) or DinA4 (210 x 297 mm) sized coloured picture drawn and colored by Sundance herself. One character, OCs fine, simple background.
- A vector request, vector will be made by Stargaze. One character, OCs fine, no background (I’m not really skilled, seriously).
- More prizes possible, updates will be edited to the deviantart journal entry and this document, all participants will receive a notice with the new list of prizes as well.

Link to image with the prizes at the bottom.

The top three designs will be decorating Junior’s room!
We don’t know when Junior will get her own room, but we’re serious we will do that!

We will list our own favorites, but all winners have the same chance for one of the prizes.

Please list in order of preference in your eMail/note, we will try to divide the prizes as fittingly to your preference as possible. Where we can make no clear distribution, we will leave it to picking blind numbers.
We’ll ship worldwide (shipping is on us!).

Please keep in mind, that we do not guarantee that we’ll actually use one of the winning designs as the Ponysona of our child.
This is supposed to be a fun contest firsthand.

Including the following information in your PM, note or eMail:
- Preferred contact (if you win, we will need to contact you about the shipping address).
- List of preference considering prizes.
- Any thoughts about your design (we’re curious!).
- Image link or attachment (link prefered).
- Your blogs, artpages etc. accounts we can link to.
- Whether or not you agree on a shared property and/or release of your work in our own gallery.

Many thanks and best wishes,

Sundance & Stargaze

- - -

Ponysona SunDance
Ponysona Stargaze
Google Drive document with Contest
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