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USA Today - MLP plants a big hoof in pop culture [Image Spoiler]
Fresh news straight from the US fans and The Hub Facebook page showing more popularity and highly positive PR in these news towards the MLP franchise!

Its quite awesome to see that people can understand that this is not just child's show, althou it was its intended demographic audience, and can teach important values to adults as well =)

USA Today

[Obrázek: 395001_438205532895201_1528750311_n.jpg]
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Melargh: I beg to differ, it can teach _especially_ adults. Children have not yet had imposed on them, by peer pressure or bad example, the detrimental behavior patterns that we are now, as adults, unlearning by watching MLP.
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Oh yeah. I already read this. It's kinda funny Rainbowlaugh
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