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Videogames Mini-Conference Prague 12.12. 14:00
I´d like to invite ya´ll to a conference presenting videogame related research from our course. Are you interested how one may look at videogames from an academic perspective? Then don´t miss out!

On this conference we´ll present results of the questionnaire I asked some of you to fill out. Thanks again to everyone who did so!

Dear colleagues,
the Student Mini-Conference "Video Games as a Sociocultural Phenomenon" will be held this Friday, Dec 12, 2 PM at the Faculty of Mathematics and Physics, Room S5.
Charles University in Prague
Faculty of Mathematics and Physics
Malostranske nam. 25, 118 00 Praha 1

Please, take your student cards as the doors may be access protected. If you don´t have them, ask the doorman or wait for someone to pass through.

Conference Program
2:00 PM
2:10 PM
Strong female characters in Assassin’s Creed: Unity - reality or hypocrisy?
Karen Luick, Daniela Rogowski, Natalie Binz
2:25 PM
Soundtrack in horror games and the 'fear factor'
Jack Williams, Laura Marie Gotthardt, Nicolai Gren Hagelskjaer
2:40 PM
Gamification of TV shows
Teresa Huschet, Michelle Schreiber
2:55 PM
Adaptations of computer games, and their reception by the players environment
Joanna Tomaszewska, Anastazja Żuczkowska
3:10 PM
History in mainstream videogames
Štěpán Camfrla, Giorgo Chiara
3:25 PM
Special Forces 2: Investigating Hezbollah propaganda
Mariah Genis, Ali Issa, Martin Kiefer
3:40 PM
Coffee break
3:55 PM
Critic of the ideological language: The persuasive speech in Bioshock Infinite
Leo Schwarz
4:10 PM
The choice of video games as favored media
Martin Váňa, Tanja Kleeh
4:25 PM
Sport up your life? The reception of sport video games by (non)psyhical active persons
Adam Wieczorek, Megan Gill
4:40 PM
Game-based learning: What can math educational video games teach us?
Miguel Formigal, Luis Perdigão, Pavel Sopko
4:55 PM
The influence of gender on social interaction in DayZ
Pavel Schamberger, Jakub Sedláček, Wilm Rouven Gehlken
5:10 PM
Gender differences in the use of video games
Mija Božič, Dora Črček Varga, Andja Latinović
5:25 PM
Concluding remarks

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