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Domination PBF RPG with pones (not only)?
Been wondering about a singular thing for a while that is hosting a domination RPG settled in pony-like world. I did that once, but it was done in Polish and it turned out finally that many players "didn't have time/head for that". Oh well...

Here I am, wanting to host the game again in English and I ask you, if you are interested in participating. But let's start from the beginning.

Q: What is a domination RPG?
A: It's a role-playing game in which you play your role as a particular leader of a created country. You create the culture, do a diplomacy (war and peace policies), exchange goods, improve the provinces and army. You are the king in a world full of land.

Q: What can I expect from the game?
A: Do you want to be a caesar of an ancient, long-lasting empire? Or try yourself as a fearless tsar, or maybe you want to make a trading empire? Why not giving it a try? You can expect everything you and your opponents can imagine!

Q: What's the world like?
A: Medieval-like ages of pony history. The Royal Sisters were gone missing ten years ago. The world turned to chaos. From one gigantic empire, Equestria crashed into half a hundred of small provinces, mostly fighting each other to gain the power. Can you make a new order in the world and restore the global peace once again?

Q: Can I be a griffon?
A: You can be a griffon. A pony, a nomad pony, a desert pony, zebra, diamond dog or even a deer! (or a changeling queen, too...)

Q: When will it start?
A: I need at least four players and all I need to do is to translate my whole system to English, that won't take long.

So... Is anyone interested in being a king? Rainbowlaugh

You have questions? I will answer it. Just make a proper feedback on this post~
Oh no. We are doomed.
I do like the sound of this. How long will the game take? Half an hour every day? How do you see that?
Love and Tolerate není hloupost.


Well, the game will be held being divided to Years (and Years being divided to two battle rounds). At first, it may take some time to understand everything, but do not worry. You are given enough time to make every decision, mostly because I know how hard is it to manage free time to some of us.
Half an hour a day? It may be something like that. It depends on what you plan to do, but believe me, even my most thinkful thinker players had a time to do their moves. (That was a reason on the first place why the original game ended, but I plan to change it by making deadlines of >three days for one battle round, that makes one Year in one real-time week)
Oh no. We are doomed.
As I promised, here is the game!
Oh no. We are doomed.

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