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Kinro v Austerlitz
Howdy there friends, from my perspective now is 3rd December and I'm on my way to the place, where French army destroyed Austrians and Russians in 1805.
[Obrázek: OzRO1dJh.jpg]

First, I visited Krenovice - Prace, to be precise. - French cuirassier, riding down the road to Brno welcomed us from his horse.
Here, Mohyla Miru is a monument for rememberance of the battle. Museum next to the monument contains a lot of informaton about the battle and Emperors themself and its souvernirs are of quite good quality. Especially flintlock pistols replicas. The place is guarded by a single back-loaded 1751 cannon replica (Liechtenstein system).

[Obrázek: 4HSVH08h.jpg]

From there, Russians couldn't see the actual size of Napoleon's army because of a fog that appeared in the morning.

Then, we visited carp ponds, on which Russian elite army moved to the battlefield and (gossiply) drowned because of breaking ice. Actually, there were only two bodies that were found. Unlucky soldiers that drowned in shallow water.

Moving to the battlefield, we've driven by a wall of bazantarnia near Sokolnice, which was pierced with holes, just to be filled with cannon barrels that defended the place.

We were learned about general Przybyszewski of Russian Empire, who capitulated when he realized his troops would not do anything but die. Tsar sent him to a military trial, where he was pleaded innocent, so tsar gave a personal trial, which sentenced him to death by work.

13:15, There we are! Almost an hour to the reenactment of Austerlitz battle. Sun is shining happily and the cold is almost impossible to feel. It is a good day to die. Right before the event we looked at bronze map on Zuran hill.

[Obrázek: 7Ev1oOjh.jpg]

15:30, the battle seems reluctant to end. Cuirassiers, uhlans, hussards, every cavalryman is here supposedly just to ride in circles and perform a little attack from time to time. Musketeers are immortal and blind, as they shoot mostly under their feet, even if they shoot fake shots. At least artillerists are doing fine. Napoleonic cannons are much quieter than those my reenactment group is using. Even our pistaly are louder than those. AND NO REENACTOR SHOPS! I wanted to buy something today... A little tornister or bandolier... Well, it's still not a day over. It was a great battle... But maybe to great? Also, my boots are regretting running along with cavalry ;_;

[Obrázek: Z8Xat0nh.jpg]
[Obrázek: xzac9Lxh.jpg]
[Obrázek: 6yV46Rwh.jpg]
[Obrázek: gjT4KDph.jpg]
[Obrázek: k96KuGvh.jpg]
(one pic shows how hard was it to take the photo)

Next stop, a fair in Brno. Here, I thought I was going to buy something. But in all this bunch of food stands, cotton candy sellers and souvernir merchants there was only ONE stand that provided reenactment stuff. WW1 reenactment...
Oh yes and I saw some random French infantry fighting... Someone. Russians? Or other French? Dunno. First regiment was in front of a building and the other one was RIGHT BEFORE THE WALL.
It looked like an execution on immortal, armed people for me. The banging was much louder than that one from the open field, mostly because of all these accustic stuff.

[Obrázek: AUDdo9X.jpg]

And finally, my old chaps, Kinro has entered his room in a hotel in Brno and is awaiting the next day, full of museum sightseeing. Dressed in his traditional medieval undergarment, he tries very hard to connect to internet and post this online.

See you tomorrow.
Oh no. We are doomed.
[Obrázek: DClwlEZ.jpg]
The night was hard to sleep in. After about three hours of sleep I woke up and got down for a meal. Scrambled eggs were gone in seconds. Then we began our next journey. We've visited Spilberk castle, many exhibitions were shown, many of which boring and more than unclear due to containing only one language. The second floor was more interesting as there were English subtitles. Weapons. That's my favourite subject.

[Obrázek: NWIQrSx.jpg]
[Obrázek: xcYgMc3.jpg]
[Obrázek: KtxdJgc.jpg]
[Obrázek: sthAIaF.jpg]
[Obrázek: YIkOIDh.jpg]
On the left we see Pappenheimer schischage, very similar to Polish hussar helmet. On the right - morion.

Third floor, art. Really, not a clue why every painting is named "A portrait of X with/in Y". Not my category...

Then we entered casamates, that were nothing but a dungeon for political prisoners (originally an arsenal and a warehouse). It was dark, cold and moist. Just like my heart (except for that last one).

[Obrázek: DaeOLPa.jpg]
BDSM room

Moving from the Spilberk, we've been given a free time in the Brno town. I was wandering around, when...

Stramberskie usi! Finally I had an opportunity to taste them. And about their taste, well, ear-lickin' good!

Then I got into the vehicle and right now I am on my way to Poland back again. So, it is time for me to sum up this trip.

+ At first, I finally visited Czech Republic. Beautiful landscape, beautiful people and beautiful road signs! I counted every passed sign starting with "mimo". 78.

+ For the second, food in here is pretty tasty. What about prices? I have no idea, I am so lost in your currency. Why in the hay a little bun costs 15 kc, while a beer can costs ca. 10 kc?

+ For the third, I really liked the quality in which we were hospitalised. Soft beds, smooth-opening doors, TV, clean toilets and tasty food.

+ Stramberskie usi.

+ The country really cares about historical and cultural places, their restoration and containment.

+ Got a chance to interview five French grenadiers.

- The reenactment event was really made up for public, decicing not to actually perform in a battle, but in a ballet of troops and cannons.

- The second reenactment was much worse.

- No reen shops.

- People working in restaurants are not actually prepared for speaking with a foreigner. I wouldn't actually have my meal if a woman behind the counter wasn't Polish.

- No bronies spotted Twilightoops

I won't conclude if it was worth the price or not. I will just say that this trip teached me a lot and I don't regret going for that. I still think you all are awesome people and I declare I'll be coming to visit you more often.
See ya.
Oh no. We are doomed.
Because I used to visit Austerlitz battle as a part of artillery (even the year 2005, 200th anniversary) I really like your summary. Brings back some memories Twilightsmile
You didn't choose the thug life. And the thug life didn't choose you either.

It's no problem for me, but it's a problem for you.
Thank you for your summary! Also, there are some interesting exhibits dedicated to the Battle of Austerlitz in russian Museum of Patriotic War of 1812 Pinkiesmile

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