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Máš BAN !!
Maš ban pretože neviuživaš palmovy pristup

Odoslané z Coolpad E502 pomocou Tapatalku
Odoslane pomocou morzeovky a  prijate pomoc sonaru
don't be a retard.be a king ? think not Why be a king when you can be a god
♕Pinkie L♥vers♕
Ajsmug  CowponyAJ 
Máš ban lebo neviem čo to je Rainbowlaugh
Coming up...  Coming up...
Not enough...  Not enough...

Poezie, próza a dalšie blbiny ode mne
Máš ban, lebo nevyhnutnosťou sú palmy.
"It does not matter where you go and what you study, what matters most is what you share with yourself and the world." Princess Twilight Sparkle
"I wanted to remind you that through hard times, one of the greatest gifts you can give is letting your light shine for others." Princess Celestia
"Nech se bráti proudem mysli, tam kde řeka snů do reality se vlévá a nech své oči utrápené, plně otevřené a hleď na krásu té hvězdy šesticípé" Drake Damage
máš ban lebo sklenička s kavou a sirupem
I hear your words as if
They have multiple meanings. call all us what.
If u find the trace like riddle, come follow
My shadow that is cornered
The "what" that is hidden behind the light
The answear of yours, that only you know that i can't meet u
Before everything breaks, I want to know everything
As time passes on
Between your past and future lies me who know  
Don't leave, now believe me start running
You, who is my never ending beat
Even if i get rained upin and get wet
Even if I am chased into pitch black darkness
I will save you no matter what. You are not alone
~Signal OST don't leave me
Translation by @crystalcryphers

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