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Někde se asi stala chyba  Rainbowlaugh , ale tady by to šlo dobře okecat: "just Pinkie"
eternal shyness  Unsuresweetie  

Changeling my mind

[Obrázek: changeling_my_mind_by_pony_berserker_dd2...-cx1nEHBSY]

♥There in the middle of meadow, right under the moon
there i saw a girl in dress like a star shinning blue♥

♥grey as the moon and soul of its owner
blue as the coat and eyes of a loner♥

♥With smile like ripest apple you have ever seen
And eyes like meadow of emerald sheen
truly lost i have only been
in those eyes so serene♥

How are we to explain that We are not lonely to somepony who craves company?
Poems of Moon

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