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All-history thread
There's a legend for how cities of Będzin, Sosnowiec and Czeladź got their names.

One day, a travelling knight was asked by his retainer where to settle the camp. He answered:

WE WILL ("będzim") here, the CREW ("czeladź") will be there sleeping, and there, where are those PINES ("sosny"), we will be shitting.

The original line was rhymed, so I allowed myself to try to do such as well.
Also, this is a quite literal translation.
Oh no. We are doomed.

yeah, that was a topic we discussed with my girlfriend recently - strange and curious names of towns and villages and what is their origin Rainbowlaugh she also found that Pony Ville really exist - somewhere in Guatemala Rainbowlaugh
"Ale já jsem nevyrostla ve stodole. Jen jsem se tam narodila a prožila většinu dětství." Applejack

Moje literární tvorba 

Love and Tolerate
Poorly edited, poorly done video about Będzin Medieval Fair.
Oh no. We are doomed.
Interesting documentary about our (not only) country or.. What we haven't been taught in history lessons:

Broadcasted yesterday on ČT2 in Czech, to be reprised soon:


It's no wonder our World looks like it looks when was built by this generation of people and we continue with this legacy. Can one murder justify another? Who is not guilty?


(in Czech: https://cs.wikipedia.org/wiki/Americk%C3...ro_Japonce )
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Beyond the Battalion
A Kiwi documentary about a documentary about the 28 Māori battalion in WWII Crete.
WARNING: May contain uncensored Haka.
„Nikdo nepočítá s Brnem.“ – D'Artagnan
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