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All-history thread
There's a legend for how cities of Będzin, Sosnowiec and Czeladź got their names.

One day, a travelling knight was asked by his retainer where to settle the camp. He answered:

WE WILL ("będzim") here, the CREW ("czeladź") will be there sleeping, and there, where are those PINES ("sosny"), we will be shitting.

The original line was rhymed, so I allowed myself to try to do such as well.
Also, this is a quite literal translation.
Oh no. We are doomed.

yeah, that was a topic we discussed with my girlfriend recently - strange and curious names of towns and villages and what is their origin Rainbowlaugh she also found that Pony Ville really exist - somewhere in Guatemala Rainbowlaugh
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Love and Tolerate
Poorly edited, poorly done video about Będzin Medieval Fair.
Oh no. We are doomed.

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