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Would you Rave your way to work?
A recent article on BBC has prone me to create this topic (in english so that you guys can get some exercise out of it Raritywink ) about the morning after-party exercise to get ready for your job.

Its not common in Czech but in UK, it is common for people to go clubbing and partying on Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday Thursday and Friday. Also Saturday too sometimes. Not Sunday thou!

And the toll we all pay for having a really good time with our fav. tunes, mates and drink or what not is that our bodies are not exactly well rested or cared for after such a night out.

When You have a serious full-time job, it is not uncommon to go to a gym at 7 before work for a quick 30-50 minutes of very painful waking up process and to get the monkey's off your back.

Now these guys have thought of an idea how to put 1+1 together and turn these rather harsh morning's into a proper enjoyable work out to get full on positive energy, sort of like MLP as well with hugging apparently Twilightblush

So basically, they have put Raving and Exercising (fitness) together!
I present thee, the Morning Glory Rave Club:


So what do you think of this? Would you do it? Got a better idea how to wake up with a hangover and get ready for work within an hour? Feel free to discuss Twilightsmile
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How do they manage to go clubbing every day, and then go to gym early in the morning the day after is beyond me.

Given their situation, this thing might be the best solution for them. It will either end up being popular, or forgotten, nothing in between I'd say.
It is simple.
Every body movement (jogging, exercise or even walking instead of other kind of transportation) will start your metabolism, release hormons like endorfins to your blood and "pump" your body up. And dancing, because of the rhytm of the music and very positive feeling will do this even faster.

This is why is not recommended to exercise before you are about to go to bed, because you won´t be able to sleep.

I started to walk to work instead of taking bus in the morning and I feel less tired myself.
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